... here it is.

well apparently some people must have wanted this to happen.

I'd like to thank xXxDragunov14xXx who pretty much single handily made me do this.

With comments every half hour from when I'm sure he found out about wanting to kill me, I think its time I ruin this for him. :|

Sorry to everyone who cared. If you don't want the code, don't use it. EVER. That will just make you part of the problem which will soon exist.

anyways here it is. The title ID is RCJE8P

Infinite HP, Ammo, and NO Reloads [hetoan2]:
42000000 80000000
047587FC 6675636B
04769478 20796F75
E0000000 80008000

The Conduit WiFi Codes

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1 million views will get me to release the codes :|

get refreshing?

Fixed Codes for Pokemon Scramble

These codes work on all saves.

9999999 Cash [hetoan2]:
C20A8C20 00000002
3C000098 6000967F
90030020 00000000

Every Pokemon Is Invincible [hetoan2]:
040D9D14 60000000

Every Pokemon Is Normal [hetoan2]:
040D9D14 9003006C

You can put activators on them if you want. Here's a blank one.

283BC4DA 0000XXXX

end after each with a

E0000000 80008000

Alternate Colored Pokemon in Pokemon Scramble

just the first wild shiny/alternate colored pokemon in pokemon scramble. Thats right. :D


of course I made some codes, but i assure you this was 100% legit.

-removed the codes they are game specific so I had to make them ASM-

Anyone can comment :D ... and a few more codes...

Well, since I like comments and would like to see them from everyone who views this blog, not just the people with blogger accounts, I've changed the commenting system to be entirely open. Nothing should be required to comment on anything I make. I would appreciate any feedback or code suggestions I can get. Just leave them in the comment areas.

Someone had asked for a code to have infinite Geld in Crystal Defenders R1 and R2, but since i'm cheap and haven't bought R2 yet, heres infinite Geld for R1 for now :P

Infinite Geld (works on wifi stages too :D) [hetoan2]:
02CF8052 0000270F

I don't know if anyone plays Tetris Party, but heres a VR modifier for that game as well.

WiFi VR Modifier [hetoan2]:
029E5390 0000270F

If anyone has any other games that they'd like VR modifiers for just ask. They're very easy to do. Just leave any suggestions in the comments.

MKWii - Time Control WiFi

Time control hacks with gecko OS that allow you to pause the timer (Zr), unpause the timer (Zl), and add/subtract time manually with + and - buttons while paused.

The code in the video can do a bit more, and of course it has no limits, unfortunately to prevent many people from instantly winning i've made a couple of checksums. Good hackers can take them off and whatnot, but bad hackers can't. Therefore keeping the best wifi game hopefully the best for a little longer...

Time Control WiFi (classic only) [hetoan2]:
48000000 809B8F70
DE000000 80008180
58010000 00000014
4A100000 00000048
8211000F 0053112E
92110007 00000002
2853112C 00003860
283414C2 FBFF0400
A8000000 F0000000
8600000F 00000100
E0000000 80008000
2853112C 00003860
283414C2 EFFF1000
A8000000 F0000000
8600000F FFFFFF00
E0000000 80008000
8411000F 0053112E
2853112C 00003860
2C53112E 0000463C
0253112E 00001C18
E0000000 80008000
2853112C 00003860
2E53112E 00001C18
0253112E 0000463C
E0000000 80008000
283414C2 FF7F0080
0453112C 807D0048
E0000000 80008000
283414C2 FFFB0004
0253112C 00003860

CoDWaW hooking problems.

you will not be able to get ANY of the CoDWaW codes to work unless you use Gecko OS 1.9 AND use the OSSleepThread hook.

This can be forced for this game only by adding a "gameconfig.txt" at the root of the SD card that contains the lines:

hooktype = 6

That will solve all problems. Don't say my codes don't work because they do. All of them :|

SSBB character stuff from a while ago.... And some MegaMan9


P1 WiFi Character Modifier [hetoan2]
42000000 90000000
00FDCCF7 000000xx
E0000000 80008000

P2 WiFi Character Modifier [hetoan2]
42000000 90000000
00FDCD01 000000xx
E0000000 80008000

P3 WiFi Character Modifier [hetoan2]
42000000 90000000
00FDCD0B 000000xx
E0000000 80008000

P4 WiFi Character Modifier [hetoan2]
42000000 90000000
00FDCD15 000000xx
E0000000 80008000

00 Mario
01 Donkey Kong
02 Link
03 Samus
04 Zero Suit Samus
05 Yoshi
06 Kirby
07 Fox
08 Pikachu
09 Luigi
0A Captain Falcon
0B Ness
0C Bowser
0D Peach
0E Zelda
0F Sheik
10 Ice Climbers
11 Popo
12 Nana
13 Marth
14 Mr. Game & Watch
15 Falco
16 Ganondorf
17 Wario
18 Metaknight
19 Pit
1A Pikmin & Olimar
1B Lucas
1C Diddy Kong
1D Charizard
1E Charizard (Trainer Independant)
1F Venasaur
20 Venasaur (Trainer Independant)
21 Squirtle
22 Squirtle (Trainer Independant)
23 Dedede
24 Lucario
25 Ike
26 Robot
27 Jigglypuff
28 Toon Link
29 Wolf
2A Snake
2B Sonic
2C Giga Bowser
2D WarioMan
2E ZakoRed (Red Alloy)
2F ZakoBlue (Blue Alloy)
30 ZakoYellow (Yellow Alloy)
31 ZakoGreen (Green Alloy)
32 Mario


Infinite Ammo WiFi [hetoan2]
02313FE6 000A1C00

All Items WiFi [hetoan2]
023051E0 00050009

yet again some more codes for CoDWaW....

See through Objects (Z Button) [hetoan2]:
281B6362 00002000
04A17AE8 00000000
E0000000 80008000

WiFi Time on Modifier [hetoan2]:

WiFi XP modifier [hetoan2]:

yes this changes your level instantly :P

... more codes for CoDWaW

WiFi Secondary Gun Slot 10 Modifier [hetoan2]:
009CC457 000000XX

This will let you force what kind of secondary gun you have on Slot 10 only. Yes that means you must be prestige 10. I don't have a list of gun values but if XX is 40 then your gun will be a Ptrs-41.

WiFi Secondary Gernade Mod for slot 10 [hetoan2]:
049CC45C 68000000

This gives you 2 primaries. One will be your choice and the other one will be random. This does give the other players a nasty warning message :| Prestige 10 only sorry :|

WiFi Prestige Mod [hetoan2]:
049CCC64 0000000X

This lets you be whatever prestige you want. X can be 0 - 9 or A (10th prestige) or B (11th w/ Blue Icon)

Be sure to check out my youtube at www.youtube.com/hetoan2 if you havent.

Call Of Duty World At War wifi codes... and more in the future...

This post is obviously not from September 2007, thats just when this post was made by default for joining. :| .... Anyways...

Since I've gotten bored and I've hacked CoDWaW a ton I thought I might release some codes here. Nobody reads this right now, but I hope that people actually start reading this once I link it to my youtube and start uploading more videos and releasing more codes. I actually have quite a few CoD codes and since wiird.l0nk.org is against wifi codes I think I'll just end up releasing the ones I want to here.

To show I'm not kidding I'll give you some cool codes for now :D They don't effect the highscores. I might release those once I feel the game's wifi has completely died.

Here they are:

WiFi Kill Streak Modifier [hetoan2]:
049CCC0C 000000XX
XX must be a value in HEX. Convert it online. otherwise the numbers wont be the same... -.-

Nick is "fuck this" [hetoan2]:
281B6362 00002008
04E78390 6675636B
04E78394 20746869
04E78398 73000001
E0000000 80008000
In order for this to work you must press D-pad Up and Z at the same time. Do not use before you have logged into wifi and are joining matches. Otherwise you will get the regular name not approved message.